Sencore SP495 Audio Analyzer Lending Program

Qualified Colorado Audio Society members now have the opportunity to use one of the most advanced audio analyzers available, the Sencore SP495. We acquired this versatile device in order to provide an advanced measurement tool to utilize in analyzing and tuning our personal audio systems.

This device was selected due to its relatively straightforward user interface and portable, integrated, feature-rich design that addresses the needs of both our music-loving members as well as the more technically-oriented.


  • FFT Analyzer
  • Real Time Analyzer
  • Sound Level Meter
  • LEQ
  • Sound Study Graph
  • Energy-Time Graph
  • Impulse Recorder
  • Stereo Recorder
  • SD Memory Card
  • Digital Audio Outputs
  • High Resolution Color LCD
  • RT60 Calculator
  • USB Audio Preamp
  • Impedance Meter
  • Polarity Tester
  • Signal Generator
  • Frequency Counter
  • Signal Level Meter
  • Cable Tester

Download Manual

We also purchased the TechBench firmware option, which provides:
  • Amplitude Sweep
  • Distortion Meter
  • Phase Meter
  • Crosstalk Meter
  • Impedance Sweep
  • Audio Scope functions
  • You must be a paid-up CAS member.
  • For security reasons, you must have been a member for at least 6 months and attended at least 2 CAS meetings
  • Members may borrow the unit for 7 days at a time.
  • Reservation date preferences will be given based upon CAS membership seniority.
  • Prior to pickup, members must sign a security agreement and sign off on an inventory sheet along with the previous user.
  • The new user must pick up the unit from the previous user.

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