WHAT/WHY: Live vs. Recorded music session at the home of Charles Cabell
HOST: Charles Cabell

Live vs. Recorded Music Session at the home of Chuck Cabell.

Chuck Cabell is hosting this month's event with a slight twist from the norm. He wants to hear the differences in a live Piano in his room versus a recording of said piano played back on his system. He has invited local pianist Paul Stephens to play Mendelssohn's "a song without words" and Doug Fura from Studio D Music to record the event. All are welcome, but conversation will be very limited during the recording and playback time(s). Please RSVP Chuck directly so he knows how many to expect. Hope to see you there!


Current System:

Amplification: Atma-Sphere MA-1 Mk 3.0 Monaural Amplifier(s) & GR Research/Rythmik A370PEQ Servo Amplifier

Pre-Amplification: Dynamic Sounds Associates (DSA) Pre-I, DSA Phono II Phono Pre-amp

Analog Playback: Transrotor Rondino Table w/ twin Teres Arms and Miyajima Madake & Zero Cartridges for stereo & mono playback

Digital Playback: Apple Mac mini modified by Crystal Clear Music LLC.

Loudspeaker System: GR Reasearch LS-9 Line Array speaker system & SW-12-16 Bass Units

Accessories: Critical Mass, Audio Magic, GIK, Silver Circle, Furutech, Sanus, Mapleshade, Ginko, Sound Anchor and Sanus Systems.