WHAT/WHY: November Meeting with Dave Slattery!
HOST: David Slattery

The November CAS meeting will be on Nov 18th  at Dave Slattery's house.

Official meeting starts at 2:00.

Quiet listening will start at 12:00.

The focus of the meeting will be about Audio Tweaks and Music Servers. Jerry Ramsey from Colorado's own Audio Magic will be on hand to answer any questions that you have about his Products, Tweaks, Etc. and Dave will discuss how to get the best sound out of a Computer Server. Hope to see all of you then!

BTW: Dave will have "the best darn Fudge and Cookies" at the meeting, something to look forward to as well! 

Dave's System:

Pre-Amplifier: Bryston Limited Model BP26
Power Amplifier: Bryston Limited Model 4BSST2
Loudspeakers: Bowers & Wilkins Model 802 Diamond
DAC: Ayre Acoustics Model QB9/DSD

Computer: Apple Mac mini modified