WHAT/WHY: January Meeting at the New Home of PS Audio!
HOST: Paul and Terri McGowan

We are going to start 2019 with a Huge BANG!!  Paul & Terri McGowan along with the great folks at PS Audio have completed their move across the street to their new Corporate location and are ready to host all of us this Saturday, Jan 19 from 2-5 PM!  The Newly trimmed out building and New Sound-rooms should make things fun!  The CAS is excited for PS Audio and what this means for their future.  

If you have been watching Paul's Post's and his YouTube videos, you know what a monumental task it was to move......even though it was just across the street.  Watching them move the Infinity IRS' was rather scary and then getting them in the new room and realizing that although they measured and tried to keep everything similar it always takes time to dial them into a new room environment.  

Lots of changes are in store for PS Audio.  New products, new product line(s), new mastering studio, etc.  We will let Paul explain where they are at and where they are going.  We are so lucky to have such great manufacturers and support in Colorado.  Paul and Terri have been super supportive of the CAS for many years.  Talk about an exciting start to 2019!!!! Happy New Year indeed!

The CAS Officers