WHAT/WHY: PS Audio Event & CAS Officer Elections

HOST: PS Audio

Please join us at PS Audio, 4826 Sterling Drive, Boulder, Colorado 80301 720 406 8946

Saturday, April 15th from 2:00 till 5:00. 

Join the CAS this Saturday to see the latest products from PS Audio.  After the excellent reception of the latest DirectStream DAC and the BHK Signature Amplifiers and Preamplifier, the decision was made to develop a less expensive line of killer products that honors the music yet not cost in the upper reaches of high-end audio equipment.  PS Audio has continuing their tradition of ultra-high-value, high performance products.

The PS Audio engineering team of Paul McGowan, Chief Engineer Bob Stadtherr, and Development Engineer Darren Myers pooled what they'd learned from developing the cutting-edge BHK Signature and DirectStream products, updated Gain Cell and Analog Cell technologies, added the latest-gen Class-D technology, and voiced them to meet stringent PS Audio standards.

The Stellar product line-up has been developed and is very close to shipping.  We might get a sneak peek at these unique products and see what PS Audio has dreamed up for the audiophile world.

Also note that we will have our annual officer elections for the coming year.

Looking foward to seeing everyone at PS Audio.  Please feel free to bring a friend or prospective Colorado Audio Society future member.  Always a great time at PS Audio.