WHAT/WHY: December Home Theater Event! Yes, Home Theater!
HOST: Brian Boehler

The Colorado Audio Society does not usually have any meetings in December due to the holidays, family time, vacations and travel.  I thought I would try something different from the usual CAS meeting(s) and explore the intersection of high performance Audio & Video, i.e. Home Theater.  In my large open basement layout I decided to create a home theater with a 4K projector, cinema wide screen and 5.1 surround sound.  I also saw an opportunity to use various audio items that I already owned and re-purpose them for the home theater project.  

I have asked two of the people who were instrumental in this journey to join us and share a little about their businesses, how they helped me select the equipment for the best sound & video and make you aware of their services in case somebody is interested in going down this path in the future.  Their knowledge of the industry, trends of what works and why and what is just hype was very helpful in designing and installing the system.

I will play portions of various Ultra 4K movies and music videos. Please feel free to bring a movie if you would like to see a scene. I will keep the ‘technical’ stuff to a minimum so people can enjoy.  Significant others might also enjoy since there will be more movies and less technobabble.


Norm Donaldson: Consultant, Malibu Audiovision and CAS Member

Jeff Villarreal: Installer, L.E.A.F. Home Renovations (A side fact, I worked with Jeff at US Stereo & Sewing in 1980 in Thornton. Jeff got my wife flowers when we had our son Nathan in 1980 and I didn’t…………..I have never lived that one down!)

I also owe a big thank you to a few people for their knowledge, advice and help in designing, procuring, installing, adjusting, tweaking, hand holding and making the A/V system special and fun!

Nancy Boehler (my wife): for making it look classy and not just another ugly man cave. Decorating, seating, cabinets, etc.

Dave Slattery: Apple TV, Plex Media Server Setup

Bill See: Projector Mounting Tweaking & Fitment

Bill Ernst: Networking, Final Tuning and Calibration of the Theater System


The System:

Amplification: Yamaha Aventage RXA-3080BL 165wpc 9.2 w/ DTS-X, Dolby Atmos, Cinema DSP

DVD Player: Sony UBPX-100ES 4k Player

Media Device(s): Apple TV4k, Plex Media Server

Projection System: Sony VPLVW-385ES 4k Projector & Stewart Filmscreen Cima FF 1.1 Gain.

Loudspeaker(s); Polk Audio LSi 700 Series Main, Center and Surround Speakers. Earthquake Sound Supernova MKVI-15 Low Frequency Unit.

Accessories: PS Audio, Acoustic Zen, MIT Conditioner, Mogami, Inneos, Comcast, etc.