WHAT/WHY: Used Audio Gear and Wax Sale in Colo. Spgs.
HOST: Sherry Boyer

Estate Sale of Used Audio and Wax of late husband of Sherry Boyer In Colo. Spgs. 

1,800 records (approx 75% classical and 25% pop/rock/jazz).  All vinyl was maintained as one would expect in great shape. Winn Labs SDC-10 turntable w/SDA-10 arm Unk cart) and external power supply, an awesome center weight, Krell KPA Phono Preamplifier, STAX Lambda headphones with a SRM-1/MK 2 headphone amp, another Stax headphone amp, a Macintosh MR-78 tuner, and countless cables, tubes, and other spare parts.  Most equipment comes with original boxes. Please RSVP Ken so he can determine how many are attending.