WHAT/WHY: September Meeting with the Grubb's!
HOST: Dick & Cindy Grubb

Living Room System:

Sony E9000ES/P9000ES Preamplifier, Sony 55ES Power Amplifiers.

Spendor A9 Main Speakers w/ B&W Subwoofer and KEF Q5 Surround Speakers.

Thorens 125 MkII Table w/ SME Series 2 Arm, Shure V15 MkIII Cartridge & SE Stylus.

Windows PC Computer Audio, Gbit Network, Synology DS212 Server.

Oppo BDP103 Network Player.

Panasonic 55” Plasma HDTV.


Other Components:

Chartwell–BBC LS3/5’s & Spendor BC1 LS5/8

1920 Atwater-Kent AM Radio w/ Horn LS True Class A Vintage Sound!

Miscellaneous DIY 1" condenser mikes, Mixing Desk, and 1950's DIY Transistor Preamp and Power amp.

Personal Recordings of the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra; The Casals Trio (LP) & The Spike Robinson Jazz Quartet (CD).

Large collection of vintage LP's and CD's

Basement Electronics lab, Workshop and Ham Shack.