Tweaks & Music Picks
Chris Jones - Roadhouses and Automobiles
by Art Tedeschi

Roadhouses and AutomobilesThis album was introduced to me by Bill Ernst, who was in attendance last fall at a listening session at my home along with Greg Graff, another of my audio friends who, sadly, passed away last year on December 11.  Bill was demoing his new prototype music player when he loaded up the first cut -- the title cut -- onto the player.  The first thing that hit me was the pure rendering of Chris' voice.  When the chorus came in, I was bowled over by the immense and fully-bloomed soundstage occupying the wall behind the Soundlabs. The music is pure country-folk-rock with ringing steel string acoustic guitars and bass that doesn't hold back like so many other inferior recordings of bass.

This CD wasn't really easy to find, so if you have the hankering to give it a try, it may take a bit to acquire it.